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In Stormlight Archive the main bad guy is pretty much a god. And you can't fight someone like Odium without having another godlike characters. I have the feeling that at least 1 of our characters will ascend to that level. Right now it looks like Dalinar is going to be the one. But I think there are a lot of people who could fit the ticket.

Kalidan is who I am personally hoping for. (Mostly because I'm a huge Kal fan) He has shown powers that don't quite fit the radiant bill. When he stops the storm and summons wind spren to him. I think this shows the token of his power because he stopped the Stormfather himself. (In a small way but I think this will grow to more)

Jasnah: I feel like Jasnah is just smart eneugh to find a way to either ascend or STOP Odium without it.

Dalinar... *Obviously* He already seems to have a lot of power and is definitely in a position to get more. He seems to already be at a power above the others.

Can you guys think of any other characters who could ascend?

What do you guys think?

(Sorry if there isn't much evidence I'm not good at finding information. That's why I like this because you guys can let me know weather my theorys have any ground or not)

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I'm actually very resistant to an ascension. I don't want every conflict involving a shard to be reliant on the ascension of a human. I don't view it as a positive outcome for that character if they ascend, it's really quite depressing to know their freedom will eventually be subverted by obsession with a single focus. I'm not happy for Harmony, I think he is less than he was. He could actually achieve things before. It's not really a story of hope if the best you can hope for is a subversion of the hero's basic personality.

Anyway, Hoid confounds Odium without ascension, and so does Lift. The shards aren't gods. Infinite power, but with a finite mind. They can't command all the power they theoretically hold.

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2 minutes ago, aemetha said:

The shards aren't gods. Infinite power, but with a finite mind. They can't command all the power they theoretically hold.

This is part of why I think Jasnah would be so powerful against them! But I do think on the scale that Sanderson rights his books Odium will either be beat by someone ascending or there is going to be some huge elaborate plan that involves multiple planets across the cosmere and possibly harmony (Who has the power of 2 shards)

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Guest Edonidd

Book 1 Dalinar thought he had to (UNITE THEM) unite the Alethi nation.

Book 2-3 Dalinar decides (UNITE THEM) decides that he actually had to unite all the human nations.

Book 4-5 I'm thinking Dalinar will conclude maybe (UNITE THEM) he is actually supposed to try and unite humans and Listeners.

Book 6-10 Somewhere along the line Dalinar will realize (UNITE THEM) actually meant to unite the shards of Honor, and he will ascend to become Something special.  Maybe new Honor, maybe something more.

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Dalinar did ascend, much as the


lord ruler in mistborn did by using the well, and as Vin did at the end of mistborn. 

I would consider him a sliver? A human who held the power of a shard for a moment? But maybe it wasn’t that exactly. But Odium says he ascended, albeit briefly. I wonder if the lingering effects allow a sliver to see investiture, based on wob, so I wonder if that’s how he spotted the Knights Radiant that he saw (and why he thought the Heralds were KR)?

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