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[OB] Dalinar and the Spiritual Realm


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I just made a topic and this thought popped in my head. Sorry if this theory has already been said. 

What I think is the dreams that Dalinar get's that aren't sent by the Stormfather(the ending of WoR dream, Nohadon dream) and the hearing the voices of the dead as well as a voice saying "Unite them", are all examples of Dalinar inadvertently touching the Spiritual Realm. We know that the souls of the dead go to the beyond aka the SR, so instead of what Dalinar thinks of as pure guilt, it's actually him listening to the actual dead in the SR who he's gained a stronger Connection with by killing them. Dalinar receives dreams and maybe those dreams are given to him by someone through the SR where all things are own and can't be destroyed. Maybe the dreams are being sent by some being in the Spiritual Realm, maybe Honor or Adonal. Maybe the voice Dalinar hear's that says "Unite them" is Honor trying to speak to Dalinar from the SR and give him some form of power. 

What could also play into this is Cultivation's "pruning" of Dalinar. Maybe instead of erasing the memories in Dalinar's head, what she really did was sever his special connection to the SR. This disconnect is what caused the the voices to disappear not Dalinar getting his memories cleaned. She says that they will eventually come back and since we know Cultivation is decent at seeing the furture, maybe she saw Dalinar becoming a Bondsmith and becoming re-connected to the SR, where a lot the Bondsmith's power is. That's why Cultivation said this might be giving the enemy a weapon. She knows by getting rid of Dalinars guilt, it has the possibility of opening up Dalinar even more for Odium. She knows Dalinar might be capable of another Rift incident because he doesn't have access to his old memories and can't learn from his mistake. It would also make Dalinar more willing to embrace the Thrill. In WoK Dalinar get's sick from the Thrill, maybe this is Cultivation protecting him from turning back into the full Blackthorn and siding with Odium. Or maybe by the time he was starting to feel sick  he was already gaining a tenuous Connection to the SR and that was giving Dalinar protection from the Thrill. 


Sorry if this is to rambling and not organized very well. I'm running on 2 hours of sleep lol. 


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The problem with the theory is that the beyond is not the spiritual realm. They are different things.



Ward (paraphrased)

When Harmony ascended, I think he said he had trouble seeing what was going on in the Spiritual realm. Does he get better at this?

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

He does. Also it's important to note that the Spiritual Realm is not the Beyond.

The spiritweb of a dead person takes a while to break down in the spiritual realm, just like the corpse takes a while to break down in the physical realm. The soul departs for the beyond though, where even the eyes of shards are blind.

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