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Hey Guys


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Hey everybody. Probably should have done this a bit sooner, but here goes.  B)


I'm Khyrindor (or Rin for short). After making the name I realized KhyRin made an excellent name for a Shard, and at the end there's the Dor part, for bonus points.  ;)


So I've been poking around a bit and I really like your guys' theories in the Cosmere (I'm a sucker for that kind of thing). Even made a couple of my own. Although there are a lot in my head right now, I think I will wait until after WoR to make any more public, and then use the 1188 pages of juicy information to plant new ideas and predictions into my brain.


Well, about me, lets see. I've read the Mistborn trilogy what, four times now? and TWoK three times. All the others just once each I'm afraid, though I will devour them as soon as I've finished WoR (just trying to keep my head somewhat clear). Oh, and I was born in Elendel (I wish).


Outside of the Cosmere, Other authors I enjoy are Patrick Rothfuss and Kenneth Oppel (I don't read much outside of the Cosmere, because there is no match for the awesomeness).


I have a cat, but sometimes I wish I had listened to Brandon about how evil they are because my arms literally looks like I'm an atium miner (this is not a joke). Ummmm, TV shows: Doctor Who, Castle, Stargate, LOST, and I really hope that Pattern turns out to be a dalek in disguise.


Well, that's it! I'm sure you'll see me around. ^_^  



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