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[OB] Fortune, the diagram, and Surgebinding


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Near the end of the book Taravangian has his conversation with Odium regarding the diagram.  Odium remarks on the diagram and is in awe of what Taravangian was able to accomplish without Fortune.  Now I know that Fortune has been discussed extensively, but as far as I am aware discussion regarding it hasn’t touched on a persons ability to literally guess at the future and be correct.  This makes me wonder about a number of things such as how Fortune could effect technological developments among other things.

Irregardless I find it interesting that Odium mentions Fortune specifically as than may hold an implication that manipulating it may be possible on Roshar, although I may be just grasping at straws.  In any case It got me wondering regarding different applications of the surges for different orders.  

Dalanar has been shown using adhesion to form spiritual connection in order to communicate.  I have seen in other places on here plenty of theories regarding the physical, cognitive, and spiritual manifestations of surges and I wonder if Fortune could be a something that a certain order could use.  

On Roshar sailors commonly refer to Mandras as luckspren, although this may not be their real name.  We also know that each order has been shown to have an affinity to drawing large numbers of certain spren to themselves such as creationspren, wind spren, and glory spren.  I currently don’t have any theories as to which other order could possible use this as there just isn’t enough information about many of the orders.  Irregardless I would like to hear some ideas and thoughts.  Also if anyone has a handy link to a thread discussing Fortune it would be much appreciated.

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