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Sorry if this was posted before, I did try and look to see if was already out there.

I just finished reading Oathbringer and something really stuck to me about Honor or more actually about his death. I am at school right now and don't have access to the book and I will edit this later, just have to get this off my mind. 

I don't think Honor was Shattered. Or at least if he did, it was on purpose.

  • He gave the the Stormfather the go ahead to make Honor spren
  • Told the spren at the Oathgates to make sure no one uses it to travel, these spren also note that Honor was acting strange in his last days
  • Dalinar's visions would require planning
  • Epigraph # 67 really helps this theory "This generation has had only one Bondsmith, and some blame the divisions among us upon this fact. The true problem is far deeper. I believe that Honor himself is changing."
  • when Dalinar says "I am Unity"
  • I will take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man. 
    — The Third Ideal of the Bondsmiths[7]


To what purpose or what made him start to change i don't know, but I think it might have to do with something about Humans Vs Parshmen. He decided to shatter himself and become a new shard Unity to stop the fighting.  Cultivation might have her part to play in this by making or should I say cultivating Dalinar into a Bondsmith to "Unite Them" or to reassemble Honor and his shard. 


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I agree there is something still to be learned about Honor's death.  Starting with - how did a god die without anyone actually seeming to notice that?  Other big events from Rosharan history (the Desolations, Aharietiam, the Recreance) produced countless echoes in history, religion, and myth, but somehow Honor just quietly expired over in the corner while everyone else carried on with whatever else they were doing?

I don't buy that :-)    Either we have seen things that we don't realize are echoes of this Splintering, or one of the other big things that we already know about was actually a part of it.

I think there's a good chance Honor did this on purpose for some reason.  Also intrigued by the theory that Cultivation might have been involved in killing him.

(terminology nit: Shattering = what happened to Adonalsium. Splintering = when a Shard is killed)

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I'm going to agree with one part, at least: that Honor deliberately splintered off the Stormfather. Why he would do so, and for what ends, obviously are unknown, and I like your ideas, but I'm right there with you that he did this on purpose. I think he saw his own demise coming, and started planning for it, just like Preservation. 

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