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[OB] [Secret History Spoilers] Urithiru


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I was rereading Secret History and noticed the following:


The building of the Ire was described in a way that reminded me of Urithiru - it has "an enormous glowing cord as thick as a large tree trunk. It pulsed with a slow, rhythmic power, and the light it gave was of the same shade as the walls - only far more brilliant. It seemed to be some kind of energy conduit, and ran off into the far distance, visible in the darkness for miles. The cord passed into the fortress through the large gate in the back. As Kelsier crept closer, he found that little lines of energy were running across the stone of the wall. They branched smaller and smaller, like a glowing web of veins." (Pages 197-198 of Arcanum Unbounded)

It seems that maybe the creators of this building and the creators of Urithiru come from the same place.

I thought it was kind of cool.

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