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[OB] Parshendi Heroes (for real)?


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[EDIT - tl;dr: (at least of) The Fused might be from Yolen. 

Original rambling thoughts:]

I refer, of course, to the Fused. Are we sure that they're actually resurrected Parshendi heroes? I mean, I'm not saying that Hoid couldn't have had some worldhopping adventures that featured dancing with a Parshendi lady thousands of years ago, but...

I don't know. Doesn't it seem to have the same flavor as the comment about Tanavast being a good guy to get a drink with? Then you've got Heralds swearing by Adonalsium... Things might be pointing back to Yolen, somehow, in this series. 

Now, I'm not saying that Vatwha was human, necessarily, when Hoid danced with her. There was a third sentient race on Yolen, after all, and I don't know that the species we see in Dragonsteel Prime (based only on the chapters released on Brandon's website) is going to be it. But I do suspect that it happened on Yolen.

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