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This is my first time starting a thread, and I'm in a rush before leaving for work. My apologies if the title/tagging is improper. Also I have no idea how to do spoiler inserts.

I have taken to reading BS novels twice upon release. Once at warp speed, as I MUST have the new story development as soon as possible. A second time much more slowly, digging for tiny details. I was going through the Dalinar flashbacks looking for missed details and something stood out that I haven't seen mentioned here yet. If I simply missed the thread my apologies.

Chapter 114 "The Cost"

Dalinar describes Felt as being Shin in appearance, that he doesn't have epicanthic folds but instead posseses, "Long, drooping mustaches and pale skin."

While Dalinar and Felt are discussing his pending visit to the NW, Felt admits she did not visit him, claiming

"Well, as best I could figure, she doesn't like foreigners"

"I might have trouble too."

"Your a little less foreign, sir"


On one hand, this could simply be a geographical observation on the part of Felt and I'm reading into to detail that doesn't exist. On the other hand, Brandon wrote this. So my thoughts are as follows.

If the Shin are the trueblood descendants of the original humans that arrived on Roshar with their god Odium, perhaps the NW still holds a grudge against them for the invasion of her world? The other ethnic groups of Roshar have all mingled with the local populace on some level. The Horneaters / Herdazians are WoB'd to be part listener, perhaps there is some level of interbreeding for the Alethi far enough back to make them Rosharan enough for the NW to accept them when she would deny a boon to a pureblood Shin.

Also, can this statement by Felt be taken as a sign that he knows more than the average footsoldier should be aware of. Is there perhaps something deeper involved in Dalinar's visit to the NW, Odium claims to have been with him from the beginning, sculpting him to be a future champion. Maybe, Odium was not the only force manipulating him from behind the scenes. I feel like I'm just spitballing here but for some reason that particular sentence screamed "YOU ARE MISSING SOMETHING" to me when I read it a second time, any thoughts?

Other note, who was the person, centuries ago, that was the last visit inspiring a direct visit from Cultivation? The Sunmaker? Wit? I feel like she is telling us a lot here and I'm just missing it.

Happy Turkey Day to those celebrating!



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Thanks for responding KC, read your post and went to the coppermind to clarify. I had totally missed the character being a world hopper, but it feels good to know my Brandon senser is functioning properly. So we haven't identified who he works for or where his motives lie. I wonder if he is employed by the shard or silverlight, or perhaps a servant of a more nefarious presence in the cosmere.

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Warning, Mistborn spoilers through Secret History


So far we've seen Felt 4 times, twice on Scadrial being used as spymaster (a job they seem to enjoy) and then twice on Roshar as a scout employed by Dalinar (the other scene is during the Battle of Narak).

We can infer that Felt has been on Roshar for enough time to both visit the Nightwatcher and gain enough trust with Dalinar to be brought on the secret mission to the Nightwatcher. Dalinar has extensive interaction with Hoid, so we can assume Felt isn't part of the in-universe 17th shard. They could still be part of the Ghostbloods, as spymaster kind of fits the bill, and Ilyatil is already involved.

They could be associated with a Scadrial based group. Once era 1 finished she doesn't exactly have a boss, so they could have been picked up by:

Spook: who is probably more cosmere savvy and we don't know what he did while being Lord Mistborn.

Harmony: who is new to the whole cosmere thing and probably wants to find things out, maybe used Fortune to know where he needs to be watching.

Kelsier: my favorite theory, who uses Felt to go to the Nightwatcher for him to try to fix his issue,

Trell: my least favorite but should include it anyways, nothing really lines up for me with Trell or Autonomy.



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