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[OB] SPOILERS Shardbabies (I'm new. Hope I'm doing this right.)


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Unfortunately that's not how shards work. A shard is a mass of investiture, with certain unique quirks to it. Sixteen were formed when Adonalsium was shattered. For new ones to appear, it would either requiring breaking a shard apart, which would result in underpowered entities, or merging two shards together.

In any case, the Nightwatcher is a spren, a sapient mass of investiture, so it is definitely not some biological offspring of the vessel's of Honor and Cultivation. It could be that it was formed from the mixing of their investiture, but at the same time, it's possible that just Cultivation played a role in the creation of the Nightwatcher, using her investiture. I think that the latter is more likely.

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