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[OB] War Horses vs Rhyshadium and their usefulness


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As I am a riding teacher by profession and also instruct riders who are into fighting on horseback, I am naturally very interested in everything war horse. It makes me very happy to learn that the Rhyshadium are supported by spren! In every other fantasy book I have read that includes war horses, they have been described as at the same time majestic, big, fast and powerful. But that is physically not possible. Shadowfax in LOTR was larger than any other horse, but also faster. Sorry, but no.

All large horses IRL are slow and not very athletic. So there is a big problem finding horses that both are able to carry a shardbearer, and at the same time be fast enough and agile enough to be of any use. Large horses would be too slow for moving straight forwards, and too clumsy to turn fast in close combat. Spren helping the horse to carry its own weight explains how Rhyshadium can do it anyway. Just as the enormous chasmfiends are able to turn extremely fast in close quarters, because of their spren, the Rhyshadium logically do the same.

So, then I really hope for more riding scenes later, when the Radiants earn their Rhyshadium. But I hope the description of the riding training becomes more like real war horse training, and not like modern day pony school training, which Kaladin and Bridge 4 has to endure with Jenet. Not surprised Kaladin was bored to death and tried the horse with issues to get something more challenging. I guess Sanderson knows much more about the topic, I mean calling the riding instructor "Jenet", knowing that a Jennet was a type of light war horse in earlier times IRL. ;)

Of course, it's possible to train horses to be able to carry more weight, but not in the scale needed for carrying a shardbearer.

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