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Theory about The Nightstone


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The theory basically is, the Nightstone is part of the body of Cultivation in physical form.


Here's my reasons.


When Szeth killed Gavilar and he gave Szeth the sphere it was night.


Quote from Szeth: Prologue.

"Szeth hesitated, then knelt down an took the sphere. It was odd, unlike any he had ever seen before. Though it was completely dark, it seemed to glow somehow. With a light that was black."



So we have a sphere that glows with a black light at night.


Next is a quote from a very unreliable source, but the details are too exact to be a coincidence in my opinion. So I reason that there must be some grain of truth in it.


Quote from Szeths POV about Tooks story: I-3 The Glory of Ignorance.

"The miners eventually tired of Took's increasingly slurred stories. The bid him farewell. ignoring his broad hints that another cup of beer would prompt him to tell his greatest tale: that of the time that he'd seem the Nightwatcher herself and stolen a sphere that glowed black at night."



Now while I think that most of Tooks story is idle boasting, I do believe that he's at least seen a sphere that's same as the one Gavilar had, maybe even the same one. The description of a sphere that glows black at night is too big of a coincidence I think.


Connections to Cultivation:

  • The Shin seem to worship Cultivation, they also revere stone. Maybe Cultivation invested in the rock and minerals of the planet? 
  • Cultivation and the Nightwatcher are suspected to be the same person
  • The stone glows black at night. Connecting to the Nightwatcher? (Cultivation)
  • Tooks unreliable account of sealing it from the Nightwatcher (Cultivation)

Possible conclusion - The Nightstone is a part of the body of Cultivation in physical form.


Now there's a lot of holes and no evidence to connect the sphere to Cultivation other than guesses and dubious stories, and I'm not sold on the theory myself, but I thought it an interesting enough theory to share with you guys.





My other thought, based on this quote: chapter 58 - The journey

“Re-Shephir, the Midnight Mother, giving birth to abominations with her essence so dark, so terrible, so consuming. She is here! She watches me die!”



Was that the sphere is connected to the Midnight Mother, possibly one of the Unmade.


Maybe the Unmade are the Parshendi dark gods and Gavilar was going to do something with the stone that would risk their return. 

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