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[OB]Parallels between the voidbringers and Shadows for Silence


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Did anyone else notice a lot of parallels between the voidbringers and the shades?

  • Red eyes when they become enraged, exactly what happened to the humans and listeners under Odiums influence.
  • Shades respond to fire. Odium on several occasions is shown as an inferno.
  • Shedding of blood might be considered the end result of passion gone too far.
  • Running - people run when they need to get somewhere with urgency, which implies a certain level of passion.
  • The Shades demonstrate a level of malevolence that we see in the voidspren.

Threnody was influenced by the battle between Ambition and Odium. We also know Odium has been wounded in the past and does not wish to repeat the experience. There is also some suggestion that the Shades do not restrict themselves strictly to Threnody.

I posit that the shades of Threnody are in fact splinters of Odium (or perhaps splinters of Odium combined with splinters of Ambition). It just seems like a lot of similarities. I'm probably reaching, but the similarity stood out to me, especially the eyes changing colour when enraged and the symbolism of fire.

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Hmm, they wouldn't actually be splinters, since a splinter means it never was alive. I will adjust the theory. I think they are cognitive shadows anchored to a piece of Odiums investiture that was broken off in his battle with Ambition.

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