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Can we necro really good topics?


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After Lightflame’s “103% Correct Prediction Of What Will Happen In Stones Unhallowed” topic was brought back from the grave, it reminded me of some other great topics. I kind of want to rezz them, because the search function is difficult to use for me (it doesn’t seem to do a keyword search on the topic title no matter how I change my inputs, etc. like that) and it would be great if it was in the first one or three pages.

For a related second question (explicitly stated this time), is it better to make new topics for new ideas or append them at the end of old topics? (Such as my “Aonic Plates?” topic that had some potentially good points to append to the end of the “Functional Aons”/“Elantrian Tech”/(I forgot), or new additions to the Amaram/Helaran theories that have spawned at least three threads.)

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Thanks! I’ll rezz that one Aonic thread once I can get a good addition ready; I made a new topic here because I wasn’t entirely sure how similar this question was to the last necro topic (so I could put a sort-of self demonstrating question) and also because I forgot there was that last topic. Whoops.

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