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Analogy of Spren and Feet (Speculation of Spren)

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In tWoK, a few questions are sort-of asked. Basically, they ring around this: "Do spren cause wind, or does wind attract spren?" Well, I (while putting on socks this morning) came up with an interesting analogy: feet. Do socks cause feet to stink, or do feet cause socks to stink? Not the perfect analogy, but here's how it works together.

Socks stink because feet sweat, etc.. The socks then "bleed" some of that stink back into your foot, thus making your foot smell worse.

Spren work similarly, or so I am proposing. Spren are attracted to the certain things - like, for instance, fire. The firespren "collect" some of the heat, and then push that heat back into the fire. Thus, the fire with spren is warmer than a fire without spren - however, this can't be measured by Rosharians because the only fires they have attract spren.

Or creationspren. They are attracted to creativity, and perhaps they also "rub off" creativity on those who attract them. Thus, those who attract creationspren are more creative than those without these spren.

Support: (slight WoR spoiler)

We are shown the Parshendi during an Eshonai interlude that some of the Parshendi are trying to be artistic. They are very bad at it, and draw no spren. That is all my support, and I know it's not very good... but it's all I could come up with.

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Actually, not all fires attract spren. Someone makes note of the unreliability of spren using this as an example - I think it's Axies? I'll check.


Here it is, from the Axies the Collector interlufe:

Spren, however, could be very elusive. Sometimes, even the most common types—flamespren, for instance—would refuse to appear.

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This is something I thought about posting myself a couple times, it's just that I always had a problem with that theory. We know, that "better" or stronger the aspect, the more spren are attracted to it. In this instance it would create a feedback loop: fire attracts spren, spren make fire hotter, fire attracts more spren and so forth. If that were true, I am fairly certain Axies or the two ardents that study spren would have noticed something like that.


Something that speaks in favor of the theory however is Syl's behavior during Kaladin's extended sickness: what reason would Syl have to fight the deathspren, if they DIDN'T make him worse? Perhaps there is a threshold of some kind stopping the loops from forming.

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