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Ghostbloods - Allusion to Vorin Symbolism?

Guest Shash

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Could the title of the Ghostbloods be a reference to two of the Body Focuses?

Ghost could reasonably be assumed to equate to "The Soul" making the first half of their name:

[Number]: Chach

[Gemstone]: Ruby

[Essence]: Spark

[body Focus]: The Soul

[soulcasting Properties]: Fire

[Divine Attributes (Primary/Secondary)]: Brave / Obedient.

And the second half of their name:

[Number]: Shash

[Gemstone]: Garnet

[Essence]: Blood

[body Focus]: The Blood

[soulcasting Properties]: Blood, all non-oil liquid

[Divine Attributes (Primary/Secondary)]: Creative / Honest

I think there might be something there, but there is too much we don't know about the Ghostbloods to speculate accurately.

Edit: Spelling.

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Interesting theory. Speculating on the name is hard because we know nothing, but it's interesting nonetheless. My initial impression is that it signified they were the impure descendents of an important bloodline, perhaps descendents of the original Vorin priests who tried to take over the world. They're just a ghost of what their ancestors were, hence... Ghostbloods.

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I agree. We need more information. It just nagged at me that their name was made up of two Body Focuses.

I hadn't made the connection you suggested, but it is compelling. Nothing unites a secret cult like being screwed out of ancestral wealth/authority.

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