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Mistborn mod for Crusader Kings 2


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I have recently created a Mistborn mod for Crusader Kings 2 that adds allomancy to the game and have just uploaded it to the steam workshop. Just thought I would post about it here to get the word out to any cosmere-aware crusaders out there. Check it out and I will be grateful for any feedback.


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Awesome stuff :) 

A full-map Final Empire mod would be pretty cool as well, but obviously a lot more work aha

It would be fantastic to play as a noble scheming from within the empire, and transitioning to a noble fighting over the remains of the Empire. Only issue with that last part obviously is that the collapse and civil war only lasts 2 years before Sazed saves the world. But I guess you could eliminate the influence of Ruin for gameplay's sake, like an alternate history where the civil war is allowed to continue forever without Ruin imminently destroying the world.

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