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Connection between water and Investiture


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Given that Shardblades are summoned with a small amount of water on them, Preservation's power manifesting as mist, and the interaction with water and sand on Taldain, it seems that there may be some form of connection between Investiture and water

However, the condensation on Shardblades may be because Roshar exists as an ocean in the cognitive realm rather than any , and on Taldain it may be simply due to the importance of water in a desert.

Any thoughts on a likely connection here, or is it probably just a coincidence?


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I agree with irregular. 

The condensation is the result of a state change from investiture to physical matter. 

The inversion of land and water is a trait of the Cognitive Realm in general. On Scadrial, the land is mist, and water is a solid black surface. These are the only two places we've seen, but two worlds with completely different Cognitive manifestations share that distinct trait. That's more than coincidence. 

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