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Prophecied Hero Twist?


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Got this story idea today. I'd been listening to some Final Fantasy music and was thinking a bit on the backstory made for Chaos in Dissidia and it's expansion pack.

Pretty much there would be a hero of legend and an evil legend that would have to face off with each other. The twist would be that the one everyone assumes is the evil is the hero and vice versa. The wording of the prophecy itself would need to be carefully done since it would say how much these two forces would have similar paths presented to them, one taking the path of kindness while the other goes the path of anger. The only reason people make the assumption of who is who would be that the hero himself would have a demonic appearance but would be a sweet and kind person while the evil one would look the part of a hero but would be a total monster inside.

It would interesting to show how a hero overcomes prejudice to become the hero no one was expecting and go to show that appearances shouldn't designate whether you're good or evil.

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5 hours ago, Eagle of the Forest Path said:

Apart from the prophecy that's basically Hunchback of the Notre Dame (at least, the Disney version).
Which doesn't mean it's not still a good idea, of course.

Wasn't really thinking of that story when this idea came to mind, but as far as I recall Quasimodo in the book isn't a very nice person to begin with since he is practically a creepy stalker to Esmeralda, who in the story is closer to being in her teens. I was mostly going off how in fantasy and video games it's always easy to tell who the villains are because they are sharper in appearance (spikes, angles), have dark or unappealing colors (black, red, purple, dark shades of 'good' colors), have demonic appearances (an actual demon, horned headdress) or because their skin color isn't completely white (tattooed with dark colors, brown). I want it where the hero himself wouldn't look out of place in a rouge's gallery of villains and the same with the villain looking like he belongs in a lineup of heroes. The only real difference between these two would just be their personalities, the hero being kind, generous, doesn't let nasty words get to him, would save others without a second thought, while the villain would be angry, save someone if it will help his reputation, belittling, looks after number one.

In other words I want a fantasy story where the hero looks like a spawn of hell but the personality of a great person while the villain would be more like Prince Hans from Frozen

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