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Ettmetal in feruchemy

Lord Bookwyrm

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Ok, I'm going to start this off by warning you, there are going to be a LOT of spoilers. If you haven't read at least to the end of BoM, please go away lest I spoil Mistborn for you.




Still with me? Ok, so I'm going to start off by stating a few simple facts. Allomancy is of Preservation (I don't really like how that sounds, but it'll do for now). Lerasium is also of Preservation. Lerasium makes you able to burn any allomantic metal. Hemalurgy is of Ruin. Atium is of Ruin. Atium can steal anything through hemalurgy. Feruchemy is of Ruin and Preservation, a.k.a. Harmony. Ettmetal is of Harmony. You see where I'm going with this?

Were the shard in question not Harmony, I would go about this in a different way, but it is, so this is going to be a whole lot simpler and less guesswork involved.

Lerasium and Atium are two God metals, and the magic systems made by the same shard as the shard who made the god metals. This allowed anyone who used them in that magic system could then do anything in that magic system. Since both feruchemy and ettmetal are from the same shard (Harmony), then this should mean that ettmetal should be able to do anything in that magic system, in this case, feruchemy (I'll get onto what that means in a second). You could argue that this is only true for Ruin and Preservation, but Harmony is Ruin and Preservation, so yeah.

If Ettmetal were to be able to let you do anything in feruchemy, what would that mean? Well, let's look at what it could mean, explain why, then rule out the ones that seem unlikely.

  1. Anyone can tap/store in ettmetalmids
  2. Anyone can access whatever is stored in an ettmetalmind
  3. Only full feruchemists can use ettmetalminds
  4. Any attribute can be stored in an ettmetalmind

There may be more that I missed out, but that's it for now. Please tell me of other things it could mean.

So, no. 1.

I think this might be possible because of the similarities between allomancy and feruchemy. Simply put, lerasium allows anyone to use allomancy. The power is given, which correlates to how allomancy works, the power must be given because Preservation cannot destroy or take. Atium can steal and attribute or power in hemalurgy. This correlates to how hemalurgy works, something must be taken, since Ruin can only destroy. Feruchemy works by both giving and taking. Thus, nothing can be given to the person using the ettmetalmind, so they couldn't magically become a feruchemist. However, if anyone could use the ettmetalmind, that would be a property of the metal, and wouldn't be giving or taking anything to or from the person using the ettmetalmind. Overall, this seems fairly likely.

no. 2.

This seems pretty unlikely as you can already do that by storing in an aluminiummind (or aluminummind, if you're American), so I'm going to rule it out (for now).

2. Anyone can access whatever is stored in an ettmetalmind


Since I based this off of how only mistborns can use god metals except for lerasium, which is part of Preservation, this is pretty unlikely, as ettmetal is part of harmony. However, the heory may work if it was changed to fit any god metal other than ettmetal in feruchemy.

3. Only full feruchemists can use ettmetalminds

no. 4.

This may be possible in the same way anyone can become a mistborn if they burn lerasium, so I'm going to leave it on the list for now.

So now, we have a theory that

  1. Anyone can use an ettmetalmind
  2. Any attribute can be stored in an ettmetalmind

If anyone has some thoughts on how to improve and refine this theory, or a WoB to back this up or knock it down, or if you just want to say something about it, please reply and say whatever you're going to say.

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There is one issue with your stated reasoning. 

We don't know what Lerasium's allomantic effect actually is. It's turning someone into a Mistborn is a side effect of what it actually does (we know it increases your connection to Preservation, but if this is the actual effect I don't know that it's been confirmed) 

I went looking for this for a Q&A question last night and the only WoB I could could actually find that references it is this 




Does atium have a "side effect", much like how lerasium has a "side effect" in creating Mistborn?



The creation of Mistborn is not Lerasium's allomantic effect. 

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