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Google Translates Titles


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Just like how Malinda Kathleen Reese has been doing Google Translate songs that have alternate words that are technically correct, how about giving alternate titles to all pieces of media?

Here's mine:

The Bands of Mourning= Musicians of Extreme Sadness

Mistborn= Fogbirth

Harry Potter= William Silversmith

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians= Prison Fights the Bad Publishers

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@Sunbird I was trying to think of one for Steelheart earlier but couldn't. Glad someone made one.

The Dark Tower= the Night Skyscraper

Kidnap (that new Halle Berry film)= Childsleep

Game of Thrones= Play of Seats

Kingdom Hearts= Empire Kidneys

The Cuckoo's Calling= The Clock's Phone

Power Rangers= Energy Troopers

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