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DnD in the cosmere


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For those familiar to the mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons, I need some help building a world that would be in the cosmere with things like shards and splinters, but still have the basic mechanics, races and classes of DnD. I need at least two people, but no more than 6 for those of you who are interested, in two days, I will be sharing a google doc with anyone who is interested, but we will still be doing most of our planning here.

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I realize some might think this should be in the RPG forum, but building a campaign setting and coming up with an adventure is definitely more like writing a book than anything else. I will be leaving on saturday for scout camp, but anyone interested is free to leave a reply whenever they want, just know that I will not be available this saturday through next saturday.

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It's a cool concept, and I'd be interested, but I don't have the time right now, and I'm not well versed in the mechanics of D&D. Ever since discovering the Fate Core system, I've lost all but a cursory knowledge of the mechanics of D&D. 

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@Lindel I can handle all of the mechanics, if you are still interested. I just think that several people will come up with much more interesting ideas. By the way, if you know anyone else who would be interested, please refer them here.

Thanks again!

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