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I didn't think to introduce myself before my first post, my mistake. My first post is over on the Stormlight Archive forum, about whether or not Parshendi have soulcasters (I don't think they do).

I became acquainted with B Sand's (that's how my husband and I refer to him, I don't know if other people do) work through WoT first, and now I'm pretty sure I've read pretty much everything he has published, except for Alcatraz. I plan on saving and reading that with my daughter in another year or so. 

I've been lurking like crazy since having my youngest (2 months ago) and thought it was about time to officially sign up.

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Welcome to the forums! I like your username. :) When it comes to the non-cosmere stories I'm more of a Rithmatist kind of guy, but I'm sure you'll have loads more fun reading the Alcatraz books with your daughter. Those wacky Smedry cousins are great!

See you around!

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