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I was reading through topics regarding lurcher abilities like slingshotting bullets and the like.

What about a lurcher firing a gun and curving bullets or making them act as metal boomerangs to catch enemies from behind?

I don't know how hard it would be to "catch" a bullet once it fires. Would you be pulled toward it because it's moving so fast? Would it move away too fast to catch? What would the distance limit be to affect a bullet's trajectory?

Any thoughts?

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[Wax] met the onslaught of bullets with another strong Push. The bullets stopped in the air, rebuffed in a wave. Given their speed, he could stop bullets that way only if he was expecting them.

He let the bullets fly back at their owners, but didn't Push too hard, lest he strike an innocent partygoer.

From the wedding scene in Alloy. Definitely looks plausible, the sort of trick Kelsier did to get a coin underneath a Hazekiller's shield and Pull it into his back. I don't think you'd be able to move it in any other direction than straight towards you, however, so a boomerang-like motion would be very hard, if not impossible, to achieve. You'd probably have the most success if you tried to fire over their head, stop the bullet, let it fall behind them, and then pull it back to get them.

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