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The Hoidbringers

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All who wish it, come, and join those who wish to bring out that which is Hoid within all who reside on this forum. Let your wit be sharpened, so others will know to defend themselves from your verbal onslaughts. Let you appear in all unlikely places, so others will search you out and learn to do the same. Let you not inflict a single wound, so others can know what it is like to be spared the blade, and know to show mercy. But among all my declarations, you must follow only one. Get involved. Get involved but good.

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First, you must find a narrative. Then, you must infiltrate it. Then find another narrative, and do the same. Then, let the fans spot you in both places, and post about it on internet forums. Then, allow an entire sub-fandom to form based around the idea that you exist in multiple narratives and that travel between them is possible. That is the first step.

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Why is it dead here? Have we given up the noble aim of bringing Hoidianism to every nook and cranny of the internet? Is the task too daunting? Good people, we have only one planet to cover. We CAN do it, and We will do it. Forget not the ambition that drove you to say weird, confusing things to people, forget not the chaotic nature in each of us. Go, bring Hoid to the world, and check back here when you have. 

P.S. I'm new, is this forum only dead because there's a different hoid forum?

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