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Shardblades and Spren: Parallels to the Heralds

18th Shard

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So the Honorblades can grant Surgebinding. They are symbolic of the Oathpact, the bond between Herald and Honor.


Spren can grant Surgebinding. This creates a bond between the spren and the human.


Theory (not mine, but there isn't a spot devoted to it in the forums alone): Shardblades are the representation of the oath between Radiants and their spren. During the Recreance, the Blades were given up, showing a giving up of the bonds between them and their spren. This is why spren are mad at humans, this is the great betrayal.


Evidence: Besides obvious parallels, Honor said he was surprised by the spren when they mimicked the bonds between him and the Heralds.

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The question really is whether Honorblades grant Surgebinding to the Heralds, or whether the Heralds retain their Surgebinding despite losing their Honorblades (and the Honorblades just give it a boost) because they have some innate bond to Honor.


Since the spren are just miniature versions of Honor in some ways, I could see Shardblades just being a low-Investiture version of Honorblades and the Recreance mimicking the Heralds' giving up. Assuming the Herald's actions had a negative effect on Honor, a similar negative effect could be had on spren, resulting in their deaths, hence the betrayal.

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