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Doctor Who Parshendi Connection (WoR Spoilers)


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I just started reading the Stormlight Archive to my wife. We've just made it to the Shattered Plains, and I had to clarify the known differences between Parshmen and Parshendi. Summarized for her current knowledge, Parshmen are a low-intelligence slave class, and the Parshendi look like them, kinda, but are a developed, intelligent society. Parshendi translates to "Parshmen who can think." Kaladin was surprised at their presence in the camps, then shrugged it off.

Wife: "They're totally gonna be the Ood."

Me: "Huh?"

Wife: "All docile until they get their minds taken over and turn on their masters."

I then went to the Internet and found this gem:

"The Ood were originally a hive mind led by the Ood Brain, using their hindbrain to "sing" with each other. The colour of an Ood's eyes changed with the level of telepathic activity, normally glowing bright-red but turning to white when not connected to a hive mind. Humans, who only knew the Ood in their telepathy-disabled form, misinterpreted the presence of red eyes as a disease, known as "red-eye". (TV: Planet of the Ood) Under the control of House, one Ood's eyes glowed green. (TV: The Doctor's Wife)"

Wow. She is really good. I repeat. We are on chapter 8 of WoK.

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