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From the shadows I emerge...


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Hello everybody, my name is scyron. I have read all the Cosmere and most everything else of Brandon's except for Alcatraz. As seems to be the case with all newbies as of late, I have lurked on here and the Coppermind for quite a while and have finally decided to come out of the shadows and participate. During all that time spent lurking I've learned a few things: 

  1.  Never accept cookies from strangers. I've heard they are bad for your soul. (so don't even try)
  2.  Avoid Dark Alleys at all costs. All kinds of disturbing stuff goes on in there. 
  3.  Anyone who does not read Sanderson's books is an airsick lowlander
  4.  Hoid... just Hoid   
  5.   Reckoners is in fact, not Cosmere
  6.  Stick is a Stick, a whole Stick, and nothing but a Stick
  7.  Brandon Sanderson is the best author to ever exist and this is the best fandom (who am I kidding, I already knew that).

Congratulations to everyone who finds this! You are the true fans!

I'm excited to get to know all of you and look forward to my time here.
And this one! Kudos to you if you got this far 
-scyron :D

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Thanks for the welcome. I have a question I was hoping somebody would be able to answer, do we know all of the bind points that can be used to access hemalurgy? 

(P.S. I see no one noticed my hidden message :ph34r:)

I like to use white text by the way

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