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Taravangian is seen as a bit slow, and politically dense (or at least apathetic). He wears regal robes of white and orange. He is often accompanied by a tall, stern, imposing figure, particularly when in public, who might often be seen to subtly whisper guidance to his king, or even overtly obstruct the king if he is going off message, making some excuse for the kings sudden withdrawl. In his first scene he is cast with a (grand)fatherly air, next to a princess that is taller than him and has long black braided hair.

My question: Is Taravangian short and portly? Because I'm scared that I'm not recognising him by obvious descriptive cues, as in my minds eye he looks like this:


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I'm not sure. I certainly don't remember any exact description of his height.
Of course, part of height is bearing. He might seem shorter at some time when he is 'grandfatherly,' or less intelligent, as you put it, but at other times be more imposing.
As for being portly, you can look grandfatherly without being fat. But I don't remember anything exact from the books, either.

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