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I have an idea for an animation!

It centers on Shallan’s lullaby. It’s a collage of every time it’s sung in the book in chronological order. It starts from when Lin (Shallan’s father) sings it to her after she killed her mother. The song is sung by a man (Lin) with a voice of a young girl (Shallan), sung faintly in the background. Shallan’s voice gets more mature as she grows in the animation. When it reaches the scene where Shallan kills Lin, it is Shallan, already a young woman, who is the main voice, with Lin singing softly along with her (but not faintly like Shallan’s was). His voice gets fainter and fainter as he loses breath and when he dies it stops. Shallan is alone. Her voice is breaking as she sings and she finishes the song and takes her necklace off of Lin. The melody continues as the “camera” zooms into her eyes and zooms out of the young Shallan from the beginning. The song begins anew, with Shallan sing instead of Lin with a faint voice of a young boy, representing Lin, that despite his evil deeds he was once an innocent child. Shallan is singing now, representing that she is guilty not unlike Lin for her murder, despite its justification. She sings only the first verse. Young Shallan sheds a tear and the tear is zoomed in on, in slow motion until it turns into the ocean at the end of the verse. There is no music but the sound of the waves, and we see Shallan as we first met her, on the boat.

I can provide audio, because my brother and I have good voices and I have talented friends. I am very fortunate, but not much so in the visual department. I can’t draw or animate, but I can direct the animation and how it should go but I can be flexible when you offer your own ideas.

So will you help me fulfil my vision

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