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Emperor's Soul = Wheel of Time


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1 hour ago, Pagerunner said:

I sure hope they treated Brandon better than that!

Me too

though he was kind of trapped by WoT - not being able to focus on his own books.

And Shai making improvements to her room might be likened to Brandon stopping for side projects (working on something different to stay fresh).

They both worried about living up to expectations, and worked themselves ridiculously hard to get it done well and quicker than seemed possible.

Shai was chosen by people responsible(ish) for the Emperor, as Brandon was chosen by those responsible for WoT, because they were deemed to be able to pull it off.  

And they both were respectful of the work, not messing with it for their own personal gain (putting a backdoor in the stamp to manipulate the Emperor - changing things from what RJ wanted, or making more books with the characters/world after finishing the series)


edit: i may be overthinking this

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