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Harmonium in feruchemy


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So I just wanted to know, could ettmetal be used to store all feruchimal powers, but since there are no full-blooded terris in second era, no one has done it? And if so, couldn't someone strip away the barrier preventing others from using the power, like the lord ruler, so multiple ferrings could store their powers into the same metal and use it?

Edit: terrible wording so I'm sorry if this is confusing, but I'm really tired right now

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If the Harmonium works as universal metalmind they will know also without full Feruchemist...A Feruchemist/Ferring feel an affinity with the metal they could store into.

Without consider that we already see the Feruchemical effect of Harmonium (or at least a subset of the effect) and in theory maybe allow to store multiple type of charge in it.

Anyway if also the Harmonium allow to store multiple charge's type in it. Every charge would be still tied to the Identity and the Power of the owner, so other would be unable to access it. There are some way to allow people to freely tap and store in metalmind without those problem,but the Harmonium is not needed for this

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