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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Here I am celebrating Christmas with my family, but no matter what you are up to I hope you enjoy this short Holiday special! Last month I signed up for the Cosmere fan Secret Santa gift exchange. In this we share creative things that we Cosmere fans make and I received a fantastic present! Thank you so much Chasmfriend for your hard work! 

If you haven't, please be sure to visit my "Letters From the Cosmere" series where I explore Cosmere theories and terms in a creative way. They are letters from my fan character Elsric as he visits the various Shard Worlds of the Cosmere. You can check out the full playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAMyafmbn7Hk67TaxlZonSLqp9CGovvA6


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