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Nightblood (sword and book)


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This is just a minor bit of speculation that barely has anything to do with the plot. I only wanted to have this idea written down for future reference.

Earlier today I rediscovered this line from the Warbreaker Annotations:


Anyway, Nightblood is named for the smoke he leaks, and he originally had a different name when he was created. Vasher himself dubbed the sword Nightblood after he had used it to kill the woman he loved.

Now, as you guys know, having different names is quite common for popular beings on Nalthis. Vasher himself has at least seven different names (not including his pre-Returned name, which has not yet been revealed). In fact, the title of the book itself, "Warbreaker", is one of his names, and this fact was one of the final revelations of the book. The reader basically does not know what the book's title referred to until the book's epilogue.

I'm nearing the point of this post. We know that Brandon will name the Warbreaker sequel after another character: Nightblood. In fact, "Nightblood" is its current working title. But given that Nightblood (the sword) had a different name before that tragic homicide so long ago, wouldn't it be cool if Brandon published the sequel under a different name, specifically, Nightblood's original name (whatever it is)?

I think it would be incredibly funny if Brandon suddenly uploads an e-book with a title we've never heard of before, then people start reading it and realize it's the Warbreaker sequel. Then they read and read but couldn't figure out what the title referred to until they reach epilogue, where Nightblood starts calling himself by his original name.

That would be awesome. :)

Edit: I couldn't help but to speculate about the name. I feel that Talaxin, despite his grief, would not bother renaming Shashara's sword unless its name has become grossly inappropriate once its terrible nature was revealed. So the name must either be quite positive, like something related to justice (e.g. "Lawsteel") or it could refer to a physical trait (e.g. color) that somehow changed after Shashara used it in the Battle of Twilight Falls, so something like "Silverbreath" if Nightblood wasn't originally black but was rather silver-colored like its sheath.

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Yeah, I think his original name probably had something to do with his original purpose: to destroy evil. After all, Nightblood sounds like an evil name, so it was probably something to do with being all good and evil-destroying.
It certainly would be funny if he titled the book this original name, although we may realise beforehand what it is...

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18 hours ago, A Budgie said:

Yeah, I think his original name probably had something to do with his original purpose: to destroy evil.

Perhaps his original name was Destroyer, to inspire him because he was too placid. 

Wait no I have a better idea:


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same message, changed wording
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