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Use the overflow menu to the left of the search box and click Member Blogs. We decided to depreciate blogs to that menu as it didn't get too much activity.


Ok, that makes sense, thank you. 


I was wondering, what is the intention of those blogs really? I just tried creating a friends-only one, which will come in handy for me regardless, but are they for journaling? PSA's? I wouldn't want to post content that really belongs elsewhere, so I'm just trying to get a sense for what the Admin perspective is on them.

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Ummm... that's a very good question. They are for whatever you want them to be, I suppose. Originally we implemented it to have a mirror of Brandon's blog, which does not work anymore. The user blogs were honestly a nice bonus for everyone.

So, honestly I don't know what they are for. It's an IPB module that we have, so why not I guess?

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