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Helloooo everybody! Tis I, the Man With the Metal Arm!


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Hello everybody, newcomer here! I'd heard a little about Brandon Sanderson a while back, and I got to see him when he rolled around Ogden, Utah about a month ago, and am starting to get my hands on his books. What I've seen so far, I've liked. But, that's not the only reason I'm here, as the writer's corner caught my eye when I was sniffing about here. Anyway, I'm a college student living in Utah whose Major is English w/ A Creative Writing Emphasis and who wants to be an editor so I can pay me bills while I try to sell whatever dreck I happen to type on a page, if the octopus what lives in my head will even allow that. See you all soon! Come, Cthulhu Jr., to Scrivener! 

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