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Sazed balance


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This might belong to some other place, but I do not know. Also, it might have already been discussed.

I have reread Mistborn first and second trilogy and I'm puzzle with Harmony... More specifically , it's balance of Preservation and Ruin.

At the end of Hero of Ages, before Sazed ascends, the power of Ruin is superior to the power of Preservation. We see confirmations of this in Vin's chapters as a vessel and in Secret History. So, when Sazed ascends, he should be more inclined to Ruin than to Preservation... Unless the amount of power a Shard was with itself is irrelevant for the Intent. To complicate matters, as the population increases, as had happen in the second trilogy, the extra bit of Preservation in every human will shift the balance even more to Ruin. Also, if atium is no longer being produced, then Sazed also was the body of Ruin, increasing this side of the force :) But this is not apparent on Harmony's actions on any of the second trilogy books... 


As a side note, I can not find any reference to the Wheel of Ascention in the second trilogy. Is it gone? If not, is it only accumulating Preservation's power?


As I right this, I also started with a theory. If I remember correctly, Atium was a change Preservation made to Allomancy. Harmony, as a scholar and believer in order and logic, undo the change (what are the effects? ). Atium is still condensing in the physical world in order to balance Harmony's power, and it will be instrumental with it's alloys for the 3rd series in Scandrial!

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At the moment I have no time to find you the references, but I remember that Brandon said, "that Sazed is doing something with his extra Ruin".

About the crescent popolation, I don't think every new soul remove some power from Ruin and Preservation....They seem to made a one shot expenditure of Investiture to made the life on Scadrial and probably this invesiture is recicled from the creation of the planet without being add or removed at every time from the Shards.

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