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Dalinar's Visions and the Thrill

Secret Ardent Man

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In WoK, Dalinar feels the Thrill when he sees back in time in one of his visions and fights the Midnight Essence. My question is, did Dalinar feel the Thrill there because of his physical body's location in the Shattered Plains near the specific Unmade who causes the Thrill, or did he experience the Thrill through the Unmade's likely presence during the Midnight Essence's attack? 

The only reason I ask this question is because Dalinar's visions seem incredibly real, with sensations and deviant free-willed conversations with others in his Visions appearing to be the norm. A tangential question raised is whether Dalinar ever felt the Thrill in his visions in WoR once the Unmade causing the Thrill departed. 

I don't know the answers and welcome idle speculation!

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Here's all the info we have on the situation: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/comments/3va8fw/day_4_group_ama_in_support_of_worldbuilders/cxnga0u/?context=3

So we don't know as of yet, but we will likely find out someday. Personally, I think it is more likely that Dalinar was feeling it in the present and imported it into his vision, as I don't know why the Unmade would want to aid Dalinar against the Midnight Essences (assuming that the Thrill makes him more effective in combat).

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