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Knight Radiants roles


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KR's base was in Urithiru. We know from Dalinar's Midnight Essence vision that he was invited to train in Urithiru. I think "train" does not actually means combat training, but "train" to attract a spren. What if Urithiru was used only for dealings with the spren?

The KR that came to help in Dalinar's vision were based in Alethela. They say those in Alethela train in war, protect the border, etc., such that the other kingdoms don't have to.

This means that, after "training" in Urithiru, military KR are dispatched to combat train in Alethela. But the way that KR talked made me think of the "Highprince of War" title somehow. What if these titles were actually modelled after KR roles?

- KR of war - based in Alethela

- KR of information - based in <...>

- KR of <...>


KR from any order could join any of these "stations" (10 stations, in 10 places with oathgates) and work in one of 10 fields. Maybe this is why the oathgates are all connected to Urithiru - because they were not actually created for human business travel, but for KR deployment.

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