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What if... help me change Mistborns secrets


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So a I am going to GM the Mistborn Adventure Game for a few friends. Problem is: We have no interested in playing the books but want our own stories with new secrets. Almost half of them are Cosmere Pros and know as much as there reasonably is to know about Scadrial.

We agreed that we want to take the premise of the game / the superficial worldbuilding and change it up. Or more precise: I as the GM should shake it up and surprise them. While initially agreeing to that, now it turns out to be way harder than I thought.

There is no Ruin or Preservation (if you want there can be other Shards but we don't have to stick to Cosmere conventions), there is a Lord Ruler, the whole final Empire and so on. There are Allomancers, Feruchemists and Hemalurgy with the known powers but there may be additional secrets besides Kandra and Koloss. The backstory of the World might be different and the "magic" most certainly has a different secret. The lesser known metals might even have different powers altogether. No Well of Ascension, no Southlanders, no Kelsier.

Any cool ideas I might use for this alternate Scadrial?

Why is the Lord Ruler immortal? Why is there Ash everywhere? How come Metals are "magic"? What rejected theory would you like to be true here?


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Well maybe. I don't want to overload the setting though. I more want to reinterpret elements than to include others.


Right now I am using a few Ideas from Roshar to come to this:

It was not the Lord Rulers fault that the planet came to close to the sun. In fact I am thinking more like some outer force like Odium or probably something more like Guile and nudged the planet toward the sun, while splintering the only Shard on Scadrial. There is and was no ruin, no preservation nor Harmony. Feruchemy and Allomancy are both stemming from the shard mhh.. Introspection?  Feruchemy is about understanding oneself, using your own abilities and harness them to great extent. Allomancy occurs only due to Snapping which can be seen as a moment of self-understanding under great stress.

So anyway. Guile came and splintered Introspection. He also created Hemallurgy (stealing powers seems close enough to Guile :D ) and created the first Kandra and Koloss with it. His plan was to slowly let the planet drift toward the sun while the Kandra and Koloss (both immune to the heat) would sooner or later collect all the Investiture of Introspection with Hemallurgy. Guile itself left Scadrial while his agents worked. The Kandra had the order to give Spikes to humans which over time would turn them into Kolosses. Kolosses themselves were to obey the Kandra. While immune to the heat the Koloss to not fare well in the climate of the final empire. The Koloss bands only stay in the Empire for a year or two before wandering out into the deserts. Later on they might come back for another year and so on. Outside of the final empire there are Koloss bands roaming most of the planet as a lot of Guiles plan has worked.

Introspection however did almost get whole again as the Rashek held its power for a moment. Only due to the whisperings of the Kandra was he convinced to let the power go and become a Sliver. He did have the time to stabilize the Orbit of Scadrial though and make the ashfalls / other changes to ensure life in the final empire. 

Since then he has been tricked to, influenced and been corrupted by the Kandra. As of now there is not much Introspection left in him, Guiles Agents however were not unchanged by the splintered Introspection. The Kandra no longer are united in their purpose to destroy Scadrial. After all they would die themselves, the like it how it is. They even made the contract with the Lord Ruler to ensure their mutual trust. The Koloss are still loyal to Guile but always relied on the Kandra to give them directives. As such they are also a unreliable factor. 

So in the end the only way to fix the planet is to find a way to make Introspection whole again (in the process probably either converting the Lord Ruler back or overthrowing him) before Guile comes back and throws a fit and destroys the planet because his clever plan did not work.


Now I am looking what the splinters of Introspection could be. I don't want Introspectionspren but the Splinters should exist and do something. Not sure what though,


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Might be to much for my players. I want to keep the count of things to track for them down.

But in the Final Empire a few of the Metals are not explored fully.

I might use a few from that Thread (you probably mean this one?) to replace their effect. 


EDIT: Thought some more about it. I will NOT change the metal powers. Mostly because I don't want to make new rules for the campaign at first. Buuuut 


[The God Metal] can be alloyed with the lesser metals to form sixteen different metals each

Yeah. So I am doing that and will include a few different effects from the other thread as alternative effects for those alloys. I will include some sort of twist into the campaign to explain how the characters can "waste" the metals but that will be a way to change things up later on.

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So after thinking about that:


The Lord Ruler should not be that important in my campaign. I don't want to stick to close to the books.

So let's say Guiles plan is working sort of. Introspection was splintered. There is no sliver only splinters. Rashek was supposed to become the new Shardholder but failed miserably. Only due to Guiles tricks he thinks that he succeded in becoming a godly figure. He is lied to by Kandra and others to keep thinking that.

In reality the the planet is slowly drifting ever closer to the sun. Still the Kandra have gotten used to the status quo and don't want it changed. The younger generations don't even know about Guile and the planets demise. They have tought the Final Empire how to make Steel inquistors and all that stuff. As the humans keep making more spikes Guiles plan still sort of works. More and more investiture is siphoned off into Koloss in the end. Only the Kandra don't like it anymore.


The Mistwraith are no longer proto Kandra in this version. Perhaps they could in one way be Introspection slivers splinters?

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