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Mildly belated howdy.


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I've been blowing up the theories forum for a couple days now, so I guess I should introduce myself. lol

I'm Brian, but any form of my username works fine. Zep, zepp, zeppo, Monsieur Marks, omar, ppoma, whatever.

Spent nine years in the Air Force and am currently back in college trying to become a high school English teacher.

I'm a writer, though the quality of my writing is still being... let's say "refined". Though, I'm always willing to yap curious people into a coma about my writing, but usually only when they ask. Usually.

I started reading Sanderson's stuff about 6 months ago and have blown through most of it. Currently on my second read through. Can't get enough. Still need to read The Hope of Elantris, Secret History, Warbreaker, White Sand, and Sixth of the Dusk.

I've spent a couple months lurking the site and had to join so I had someone to talk to about these books. My friends and family have only just started reading them a couple weeks ago (at my relentless insistence) and are still on Mistborn Era 1. They're loving it though, as is appropriate for tasteful society. lol

Glad to be here!

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Welcome to the forums! Have an upvote!

I'm pretty sure Chaos was the one who came up the member titles. Right now, they're all Cosmere, but there might be some Reckoner titles soon. Extreme emphases on might, because of very slim chances. Here is the link to the entire list of Reputation Titles: 

It's the fourth post from the top :)

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Triple thanks! For the welcome, the upvote, and the link.

Although, I realized I misrepresented myself a bit in my intro. I haven't read anything outside of the Cosmere yet. He's produced so much in the last ten years, that I often forget he's done anything non-Cosmere. That alone is more than I'd expect from ten years of a writers content. Way more.

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Just now, zeppomarks said:

@Darkness Ascendant Thanks. Yeah, I'll probably get to them eventually. I'm just concerned I'll spend the entire time wishing they were Cosmere-related and ruin the experience for myself, which would be unfair to Sanderson. I'll probably wait until there's a sufficient lull in the Cosmere books and pick up some of those.

Fair enough. I still imagine what they would be if they were cosmere related

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4 hours ago, Darkness Ascendant said:

Fair enough. I still imagine what they would be if they were cosmere related

Lol. I've noticed a lot of people doing that on this forum and in Q&As and such. Definitely increases the likelihood of me reading those novels soon, if only so I can understand what folks are talking about.

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