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Dragon Age (Video Games) Could be a part of the Cosmere!

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Now hear me out, this actually makes sense.

Also Spoiler Alert!!!!! This will have lots of spoilers for the three Dragon Age games. They are great games so play them and come back when you are done please!

Okay, so let me get into this. I was playing Dragon Age Inquisition and I started noticing some things. Maybe its all the Sanderson books I've been reading lately but I couldn't help seeing the similarities. the more I played, the more I thought they are similar. But toward the end of the game, I realized that the similarities are strong enough that I wouldn't be surprised to see Hoid showing up in Skyhold to impart some wisdom upon the inquisitor and tell tales with Varric.

Dragon Age is a fantasy series, sometimes called "dark fantasy" but the world is vibrant and super enjoyable. The world has Humans, Elves who used to be immortal but are now second class citizens, Dwarves, and Qunari who are grey skinned people with horns. Now I could go on forever but I wanna get right to the meat of things.

First of all, the nature of the world is strongly influenced by the interaction between the physical world and the Fade. the Fade is a place where people's minds go when they dream. It's a place shaped by the thoughts and emotions of the dreamers, and has spirits who represent a aspect or emotion of humanity (anger, sloth, wisdom, justice, ect) I think that there are a lot of parallels to the Fade and the Cognitive Realm. In the Fade, it is an unstable version of the real world that has different rules, but is tied to the world. The beings who live in the Fade embody a pure ideal, and can grant strength to men who uphold their ideal. However they cannot go against their nature without becoming corrupted. Now this is reminiscent of the Spren of Roshar, except that the spirits of the Fade don't just break, but they become the negative version of their ideal and become hostile and powerful. Imagine if the pain spren could enter the world and start causing pain to keep themselves alive. But the similarities are apparent.

The next thing I noticed that was very Cosmere-ish was magic. Instead of just learning spells, the castor needs to access the power that flows from the Fade, and the ability to use magic is a genetic ability. There is also a way to enhance magic power with fresh blood, using the life force of a person to fuel magic. This is reminiscent of Bloodscealing or Hemalergy. The idea that living energy can be used to enhance abilities feels like it fits with the workings of the Cosmere. They also can use magic to trap spirits and use them by creating a bond, but this is dangerous because the spirits are forced to change their nature. Sometimes however, a person exhibits a specific trait or need so powerfully that a spirit that resonates with another person can forma bond with that person, often saving them and granting them powers. There is even an example of a man who bonds with a spirit of Justice, but as the man changes from seeking justice to vengeance, he starts to slowly destroy the spirit that bonded to him to help him. Once again, similar to spren in execution, but different enough.

And Finally the biggest thing that made me want to make this post, there was a shard pool in the game! Toward the end of Dragon Age Inquisition, there is an ancient eleven temple that you are racing your enemies to reach before they do. They seek a power hidden in the Temple called the Well of Sorrows. The guardians of the temple are ancient elves from the old times who sleep until someone tries to invade the temple. When you make it to the Well, you find that it is a pool of smoky water that belongs to an old mythical being called Mythal. This being was a God that was worshiped who apparently still lives as a silent force. When your character steps into the pool you absorb the liquid and take it into yourself. your mind expands and fills with knowledge and power, the power you need to defeat your nemesis. As I watched how it was animated, I couldn't help but think about a shard pool. (If you want to see the Well of Sorrows Scene here is the link to a video of it.)


Anyway, just thought I'd post this. I'll be surprised if very many people know what I'm talking about. It was just a fun Idea to imagine this as just another part of the wonderful Cosmere. Hope you liked this and I look forward to posting more random thoughts in the days to come!


Also if you like "Letters from the Cosmere" I will be releasing a new one very soon!

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6 hours ago, Eccentric Hero said:

I encourage you to share your post over at this post:

Also, thanks for the update on "Letters from the Cosmere."

Thanks for that, I'm glad to have a good place to put this. Also I'm glad you are looking forward to the new Cosmere! I promise it will be ready by the first Friday of August.

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