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Mraize's Special Collection

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So I reread Sixth of Dusk, Shadows for Silence, and The Emperor's Soul before I started in on Words of Radiance.  ...I'm so glad I did.  I believe it's during Shallan's first meeting with Mraize of the Ghostbloods.  Obviously the man's a Worldhopper.  That aside, who else noticed his collection of items from the other worlds?  

"Other curiosities baffled her.  A vial of pale sand.  A couple of thick hairpins. A lock of golden hair.  The branch of a tree with writing on it she couldn't read. A silver knife.  An odd flower preserved in some kind of solution.  There were no plaques to explain these mementos.  That chunk of pale pink crystal looked like it might be some kind of gemstone, but why was it so delicate? Bits of it had flaked off in its case, as if simply setting it down had almost crushed it."  -WoR, pg 493 (hardback)


Vial of pale sand = something from Taldain of 

White Sand
Thick hair pins = wooden hair barrettes from Scadrial (Possibly Vin's?)
Lock of golden hair = probably Siri's.  Maybe Vivenna's.
The branch of a tree = honestly not sure on this one... Any ideas?  Best I've got is the branch Raoden used to restore Elantris... Maybe it hasn't been revealed yet
A silver knife = Silence's silver knife
An odd flower = possibly the Tears of Edgli.  But I think it's one of the flowers from Patji in Sixth of Dusk, Patji's Fingers
Chunk of pale pink crystal = Soul stamp, possibly? I didn't think they were fragile, but maybe it's just ancient.

Anyway, that's my take.  Feel free to discuss your theories.

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WoB says the branch is Yolish - from Yolen.  In addition, Patji's Fingers are too large to be reduced down to "curio on a mantelpiece" size (a full blossom was lashed to a harpoon, remember).  It's one of the Tears of Edgli.  And a crystal soul stamp is specifically described as "difficult to carve" by Shai, implying that carving a stamp out of, say, quartz would be as difficult as it is IRL.  (unfired soulstone is an exception, although I thought that was naturally grey, with red flecks showing up after firing)  Agreed that the lock of hair is presumably a sample of the Royal Locks, and that the silver knife is Threnodian.  (I have no idea about the hairpins, though.  Neither Mraize nor Iyatil seem the type to trail after protagonists and swipe trophies from them, or at least they'd have higher ambitions than "Vin's hairpins.")  Much more likely that these are samples of magical materials, as in materials that on their home planet are naturally Invested.  

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