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Ire's favorite drink


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Today I was re-reading Secret History and I noticed something I missed at my first reading:


Yes, there was power in that orb, great power. It was filled with glowing liquid that was far purer, and far brighter, than what the ancients had been drinking.

This part made me think in another way about Ire's glowing drink.

Of course they are Elantrian and they need the Dor to keep their abilities. This is why at a first reading, the first think that came to my mind was about "they drink liquid Dor to sustain themself".

But this sentence shows a strong likeleness from the Ire's Drink and the Connection's Orb. Or at least Kelsier saw a connection (i know bad joke) between the two liquid with only a difference about quality. He may not be an expert but in his Cognitive Shadow form, He shows some intuitive understanding of the Cosmere's Mechanics.

Therefore I began to think:
It's possible the Ire's drink isn't Dor or raw Investiture but instead it's "just" Connection to their homeland (Sel or more specific Elantris) and they use it to enhance their connection to the Dor and recive it so far in the Cosmere.

Has this idea some merit or it's just a baseless speculation ?

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