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Um, Hello

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This is me, Aliroz The Confused, from, um, some other websites.  Sometimes I go by Nihhus Rozzy.


I first started reading Cosmere when my uncle gave me his copy of Mistborn: The Final Empire, and have been a Sanderson Fan ever since.  I hope to be a writer someday, and these books mean a lot to me, giving me hope at a time when I thought that the world would never accept a mormon author after Orson Scott Card and Stephenie Meyer became so unpopular on the internet.


Ask me anything, I guess, and I'm sorry if I do anything wrong here, I'm new and nervous, because I've looked up to you guys for a while, I mean, you were the guys who first found Hoid, and who talk to Brandon himself!


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Welcome to the Shard! I'm sure you'll find that the Shard is a very friendly corner of the internet. If you have any questions or you're worried about doing something wrong feel free to ask me or any other Shard member. Also, have a cookie. They're really good.

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14 minutes ago, Aliroz-The-Confused said:

This seems to be a pretty slow forum, from what I've seen.  Where are the rules?  Is there a limit to how many threads one can make in a short period of time?


What are the unwritten rules of good form and discussion?

There isn't a limit to how many threads one can make in a short period of time. Here are the rules.

There's probably some unwritten rules, but you'll have to ask one of the more experienced members for them.

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Welcome @Aliroz-The-Confused! Glad to have you!

The 17th Shard can be a bit slow between book releases but just wait until a new Sanderson book hits the shelves - it is mayhem for a week or two haha! As @cloudjumper so kindly pointed out, the rules to the site are at the link. Generally, be nice, follow the forum guidelines about where to post and when to use spoiler tags (my personal policy is to error on the side of too many spoiler tags haha) etc. 

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