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Songs and their similarities to works of Brandon

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So, I was listening to "superheroes" by The Script awhile ago, and I started drawing mental parallels to Mistborn. EVERY SINGLE LINE had some sort of parallel to Vin, Elend or Zane. The Script have made quite a few of my favorite songs, so I went back and looked for similarities in those as well. So far, I've noticed that "Break even" seems somewhat Elantrian and "Flares" seems to nicely fit Sazed's character development. Certain points, as well as the general theme of "for the first time" reminds me of Stormlight, too. I could be drawning parallels where they don't exist, but I just thought it was worth sharing this, since I found it really interesting :)

Has anyone else noticed anything like this? And I'll post a full analysis if anyone is interested :)

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