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Writing Principles in Words of Radiance

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Hey everyone! I guess this topic is mainly for other writers. I just posted a Writer's Review of Words of Radiance on my writing blog. I briefly discussed just a few of the more general writing techniques Brandon used from which any writer can learn. I'd love to get some feedback on the post on any other techniques that you felt were used well in Radiance (or I guess in Brandon's writing style in general). I was also wondering, from any of the writers out there, what were some other books that made you a better writer? You could comment here or on the blog itself. Either way. Thanks everyone!


Here's a link to the blog:


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I am not a writer myself (other than these posts and, you know, obligatory ranting on social media) but one thing that really stuck out to me in Words of Radiance was pacing. Compared to the slow crawl of the Way of Kings (which is tied for my favorite Sanderson book btw) Words of Radiance felt like a runaway train speeding downhill with several Coinshots behind the train using Nicroburst-powered steel pushes to make it all that much faster!

I was definitely unprepared for what I felt was an abrupt change of pace between the two books. My first reaction to Words of Radiance was slightly more negative due to this. (Still loved the book overall but less than the Way of Kings). Obviously, this was due to my own expectations and is not directly Brandon's fault but, as an author yourself, I would like to recommend considering the pacing of both the current book you are writing and, if that book is part of a series, how it stacks up with the other books in the series.

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