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I need help with my Facebook homework!!


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So I go to a weird school. A really weird school. Instead of tests at the end of a semester we have confluence, which is like a science fair except not about science. This year my group is doing a fake aebleskivers food truck. Pretty much we are pretending to make a food cart business then serving food samples in a huge fair like setting. Part of this is to make a Facebook page for our fake business and get a bunch of people to like our fake business. I don't really use Facebook  so I have no Facebook friends. I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to like my fake food truck so I can get a good grade or my final project.

Anyone can say no or unlike my page with no hard feelings. I just want a good grade in school and am feeling pretty down about this project.

Its theme is aebeskivers (danish pancake balls) and Scandinavian mythology. The page has some pretty funny posts with more coming. Thanks to anyone willing to help out.


Here is the url to my page:


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That's really cool! Wish I could do something neat like this instead of tests. :P 


Your art and stuff is looking great. I don't have a Facebook, but I wish I did to help! I think some of my friends might be willing, though. That food looks really good. Seriously.

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