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Mistborn RPG Actual Play


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Hello friends, APGamingREAL here!

If you are looking to see Mistborn in action, you can watch our latest Mistborn show which just launched last night: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOTilBK2SqLOjQoNvtp48KC2jOmXEOUkz


We get through character creation, background, scheming and planning in about 2 hours, with another 2 hours of play involving scheming nobles vying for power!


The show is ongoing for four weeks, so expect to see the scheme and plan of action get shaken up and down as things evolve. We are also giving out 2x advancements to demonstrate them more ably in such a short time. Finally, we have an audience voting mechanic to allow viewers to award advancement to the player who most improved the quality of the game.


I hope you enjoy.

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