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This thread ( http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/52692-real-life-handmade-soonie-pup/) contained a beautiful handmade Soonie Pup. I definitely don't have the skills to compare to it.


However, this thread ( http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/47844-real-life-soonie-pups-mistborn-era-2-teddy-bears/) states that Brandon hopes to make the real deal reversible--dog on one side, mistwraith on the other.  Although the first thread I referenced had a very beautiful Pup, it did not have this reversibility feature.


With 5 dollars at a thrift shop and an hour and a half assembly, I have made what is (as far as I know) the world's first REVERSIBLE Soonie Pup!    --So yeah, I only stitched the two layers together at a single point, but it wouldn't have been hard to connect them more thoroughly, and the mistwraith and the dog forms both act as the other form's stuffing.


I apologize for the poor picture quality--I only have a cheap cameraphone at the moment.


First, we have the dog stage: note bunny ears, which people will think are a cute costume, but which are actually real ears from an actual bunny.  Note also the spikes in the front paws.



Now, we have the transformation in three stages:





And finally, we have two views of the mistwraith stage.  Note that the mistwraith has eaten a Koloss (note Kolossish torn skin on Mr. Raisinhead) and an Inquisitor (note spike through eye of smaller head above the Koloss).




My materials:

1 thrift store stuffed dog (50 cents)

1 thrift store bear beanie baby (50 cents)

1 thrift store Raisinhead (50 cents)

1 dollar store Grey Ninja action figure (1 dollar)

1 dollar store rubber humpback whale (1 dollar)

1 dollar store rubber lizard (1 dollar)

1 dollar store sewing kit (1 dollar)

thumbtacks, nails, and 1 singleton men's black sock--materials I already had around the house.


Method: Gut the stuffed dog--I left stuffing in the legs, but pulled it all out elsewhere.  Stuff the gutted dog into the sock to get a sense of the room it will fill.  Disassemble the other materials, and sew appendages of your choice onto the outside of the sock.  For rubbery items, you can pierce holes with a thumbtack or awl, and treat them like buttons.  Occasionally stuff everything into the dog to make sure things will fit.  When you have the mistwraith looking how you like, pick a couple of points where you can sew the inside of the mistwraith-sock onto the inside of the dog, so that they become a single united item.


Now, while you wait for an official Soonie Pup to be made available, you too can assemble a quick-n-easy Emergency Backup Soonie Pup (a Sorry Orrie, perhaps?)--and thus may you bring joy to your loved ones in this bleak February.

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