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Character Connection

Navy Seon

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As we all now know, Connection plays a huge role in the Cognitive/spiritual realm. For example, Kelsier relates to spook more than vin and sazed since they are both "survivors" and are more alike. So looked at as similar.

So a small fun theory/question: Who else in the cosmere series would be well connected?

This is just a what if scenario. A pondering and character comparisons. Not realistic obviously.

Some theories I had were:

1) Raoden and Kenton: Both went against their fathers, both went on to try to fix their predicament with holy determination. Raoden Elantris and Kenton the Diem. They are both smart intuitive and witty. Both secretive. Etc etc.

2) Shallan and Khriss: Both are lusting for knowledge. Both are inquisitive and annoying and ask question all the time while making witty remarks the whole time to hide their lonelyness. Both are very noble to find that their rank doesnt hold the same weight in other places. Shallan is also a mix of Lightsong with the witty and offensive remarks and Sarene with her butting into your buisness attitude. etc

3) Kaladin and Vasher: Both blunt loners whos best friend is nonhuman with a mind, like a spren or awakened sword. You even see them like each other in their encounters. They both get their lives more difficult when a woman enters their lives. Both great fighters. etc

4) Sarene is like Jasnah (with a small pinch of Siri): Both can fight and are learned and a take charge attitude. While like Siri, she plays a more feminine role sometimes to play the part and is a princess in another land to unite lands to make peace and ends up having to save it to save her own land. etc

5) Vivenna and Marasi: Both are very womanlike and shy in public and modest. Both doubt themselves to an extreme level but secretly love danger. Both are clever and get captured more often than daphne in scooby doo. etc (Vivenna is also a little like vin. Plus have the same letters)

6) Dalinar and Wax: Both are very moral and would do stupid things in the name of moralism. Both are fighters and feel that they are in the lead and that every bad occurrence is their fault.etc

7) Galladon and Baon: Both are sidekicks, part of the 17th shard and pessimistic. Two peas in a pod. Both have "aon" in their name. Baon is also like Adolin, who also has "aon" in his name.etc

8) Wayne and Lightsong: Both make no sense and mess with people with humor. Comic reliefs. etc

9) Elend and Sazed: Both are warriors and philosophers. etc

10) Hoid: Well just imagine Shallan as a guy, thats Hoid.

There are many other comparisons you could make for characters but these just jump to mind.

This is just a ranting theory about which characters are most similar. Any other characters come to mind about connection?

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Seems more like a literary analysis that it does a comment on connection. What practical implications would a connection between these characters have? The only two of importance you reference - as I see it - are Shallan & Hoid and Kalladin & Vasher.

FYI - i'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just trying to understand your purpose.

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